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Health & Active Kids

Texas Jump-N-Splash has expanded to serve our community in this special time. We understand the need for a safe environment where children will be motivated, engaged in learning and also receive instruction and guidance for fitness and social wellness. Our programs are engaging, fun, interactive, safe and committed to positive growth, self esteem, and respect for community.

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Health and Fitness

As your child grows, eating healthy and staying active is essential to your child’s development. At Texas Jump-N-Learn, we value the importance of having an active lifestyle while having fun! Children will have full access to a variety of equipment. Throughout the process, our trained fitness coach will work with your child to achieve a variety of age-appropriate fitness goals.

Age Appropriate Activities

Our age appropriate programs have been designed to engage and encourage children by letting them explore and play while learning. Through participation, children will receive encouragement and challenges designed to build self esteem and nurture respect for others.

Instructors and Coaches You Can Trust

Our instructors and coaches are fully dedicated to maintaining a positive environment where your children are safe and inspired to participate. Encouragement builds character and self esteem. Our commitment is to the health, safety, and positive experience of each child.

Inspired young minds are proven to be more driven, more active, and more curious to learn, to experiment, to apply what they are discovering toward invention, creative expression, artistic exploration and development of social skills. These fundamental tools and skills lay the groundwork for successful team participation, positive personal growth and confidence which will serve your children throughout their primary and secondary years.

STEAM Activities

Our program offers Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math all in one place so children can discover, create, and expand their learning. Students will learn to explore and evaluate as they take chances and learn in a hands-on, interactive environment.

Our STEAM lessons offer a variety of exciting, thought-provoking learning opportunities. Activities have been selected to offer hands on experiences which incorporate analysis, evaluation, and synthesis for problem solving and execution of ideas.

A few examples of activities include:

Creative Expression

At Texas Jump-N-Learn, your child will get to express feelings through a variety of theater games and physical role playing. A child’s mind is only limited by the environment and permission it is given. Our art lessons give children the freedom to explore their creativity within inclusive and supportive creative art lessons.

Inspired young minds will discover and develop their artistic talents by experiencing a variety of materials and techniques in a fun, supportive environment.

Our curriculum engages and encourages children by letting them explore and play while learning.

Character Development

Kindness and empathy are the fundamental components of good character. At Texas Jump-N-Learn we recognize the vital importance of inclusion, empathy, fairness, and encouragement. Character development is fundamental to positive growth and healthy community.

No matter what lesson or activity your child is engaged in, our staff will always be aware of the importance of supporting each child and the importance of fairness and respect for one another.

Executive Function

Executive function is key to decision making and emotional health. Our STEAM activities and curriculum, combined with attention to fitness, teamwork, individual and group creativity and exploration, provide each child with direct and intuitive skills necessary for supporting mental flexibility. Seeing more than one approach to any problem, learning to regard and seek the inputs of others, learning to evaluate and synthesize possible solutions, are all instrumental to the development of healthy executive function. Healthy executive function is a strong foundation for confidence when facing challenges in life.


In addition to our many creative expression and art projects, children will be encouraged to read and participate in literacy activities. A book, a play, a song, or a story has the power to transport us to any time or place.

In addition to reading plays aloud and reading to find clues to solve exciting chemistry and science projects, your child will be encouraged to discover facts about the nature around them, about the community, and about one another.

Technology is a vital tool for our children and their future. Reading and searching online also requires users understand how to write.

Activities include:


At Texas Jump-N-Learn, we value our community and the people who keep it running smoothly. Each month, we bring in a community leader to talk about their role in the community. By meeting these influential people, students learn how to make a difference in their community from the very people who do that every day!

We all know that lectures might be boring for kids, so we make sure these activities are engaging and enjoyable. Each discussion is followed by a hands-on service project so the children get to truly make a difference!

Activities include:

Homework Help

Is your child stuck on a tricky math problem? Do they need a bit of help writing an essay? No need to worry! Our trained staff is ready and will to help your child with any homework or lesson material.

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