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Gyroscope Incl Staff

Gyroscope Incl Staff

    • Actual Size: 10'Wx10'L
    • Setup Area: 20' Diameter
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 1

    • $689.00
      For 3 hrs
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The 2 seater Gyro Extreme ride. It does require one dedicated 20 amp circuit of electricity. This ride comes with many safety features. Over the shoulder seat belts, cross bars, ankle belts, wrist belts, and safety belt for the crossbars. Setup on concrete or grass. Must have a solid surface to set up on. Includes safety barriers. The riders are spinned in all directions. This ride does have height and size requirements. Rider must be 48 inches tall and be able to plant feet flatly on foot rest. Ride has a weight limit of 250lbs. First 3 Hours $689.00 each additional hour $129.00 

- Increases the guest experience of every event.
- Experience what our astronaut feel during training.
- 2 riders can ride at a time.
Safety Rules
- Adults should always be supervising the kids when they are climbing.
- Two riders per ride.
- Minimum weight is 40lbs and maximum weight is 200lbs.
- Minimum height is 48 inches. Feet must reach to the foot rest.
- Riders must tie their hair up for safety reason.
- Riders must stay seated while ride is operating.
- No jewelry or sharp objects allowed.
- We cannot operate the rock wall when it's raining

- Overnight rentals are allowed with Texas Jump N Splash operators.
- Cement set ups are allowed. We cannot set up on rocks, gravel or uneven cement.
- Set up on flat surface only. We cannot setup on any slope area example driveway.
- One plug designated circuit.